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Spark workday joy

I was immediately hooked by Niamh's no-nonsense approach to teaching a range of practical tools that ensure we can all have a better workday. Her tone and delivery style are humorous and engaging - she has a real knack for delivering her content in a memorable way. I would highly recommend Niamh for your next speaker engagement.

Fiona Kelly

Director | Executive PA Forum Global

From the moment Niamh stepped onto the stage, she captivated the audience with her knowledge, passion and good humour. Niamh’s presentation was incredibly inspiring and authentic. I would wholeheartedly recommend her as a speaker for any event or meeting seeking to ignite passion and drive positive change.

Greg Carew

Chair | Association of Irish Professional Conference Organisers

Niamh is very engaging and affable as a presenter and comes with a wealth of knowledge in productivity. Niamh joined us in 2020 to host a one-hour presentation, “Remote Working Essentials”. In preparation for the event, she met with us to gain a greater understanding of our typical work environment. She used this information to personalise her tips and more effectively cater to our specific needs. On top of this, she facilitated a lengthy Q&A segment where she shared advice based on the queries of our attendees. Niamh also allowed us to record our session, giving us a useful resource that we were able to host for team members who could not attend live.

Matthew Corbett

Brand and Communications Manager | TELUS International

I highly recommend Niamh, even for a brief session. She will bring you back and refocus you on achieving your goals.

Noella Carroll

Business Finance Consultant | Pebble Business Transformation

Smart, forward-thinking companies are working to create inclusive, open cultures…

Cultures in which employees are supported and feel empowered to thrive.

Whether it's burnout, impostor syndrome, chronic procrastination, or any other issue your employees might be facing, establishing a culture of openness, creating a space for honesty, providing effective coping strategies, and offering expert guidance can be incredibly beneficial to your team. 

That’s where Niamh comes in. 

Every audience is different, and every event has a different objective. Some groups need nurturing, while others require a little agitation. Niamh will work with you to ensure your team gets the most out of their experience. 

By building her keynotes around her clients, Niamh's deep understanding of people and their nuances allows her to create engaging, uplifting, and profoundly human-centred presentations.

Schedule a consultation with Niamh to explore keynote speaking options.

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Keynotes rooted in evidence-based practices and cutting-edge scientific research on workplace well-being and emotional intelligence.

Drawing from science, personal experience, and industry trends, Niamh’s content is tailored to meet your unique requirements. But you can always count on a mix of relatable storytelling, interactive Q&As, and, most importantly, practical tips and bespoke strategies ready for immediate implementation upon return to the workplace.

A blend of outspokenness, down-to-earth charm, engagement, and fun! Niamh informs and inspires. 

Your employees will gain a fresh perspective on their professional roles, and understand their work in a broader context. Expect enhanced morale and increased engagement. In short, Niamh helps your people to rediscover the joy of work, all while delivering tangible value to your bottom line.

Examples of past keynote topics delivered by Niamh:


  • From distance to dynamism: Building strong teams and culture in remote and hybrid environments.
  • Harmony in the workplace: Cultivating positive team dynamics and resolving conflict.
  • Thriving together: Building a positive culture of mental health and wellness.
  • Empowering managers to communicate with confidence and influence.
  • Redefining success through work-life integration.
  • Strategies for building resilience in uncertain times.
  • Coming back strong: Juggling motherhood and career with confidence.
  • Mindful productivity: Tools and techniques for taking action and getting things done.
  • The organised advantage: Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness in your daily work.