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Niamh Moynihan

founder of Better Workday

Niamh has been working since she was eleven years old. She is fascinated by how work shapes us, the interplay between work and home life, and, most of all, how people can achieve happiness and success—without burning out.

Niamh's first experience with burnout happened during her first job after college. She was given a phone and laptop but no guidance on managing her time and effort. This led to poor working habits, and within a year, she was struggling to keep her head above water.

With 14 years of industry experience in the technology sector, Niamh repeatedly faced the challenges of achieving work-life balance as she advanced her career. Despite appearing outwardly successful, she struggled with overwhelm and often felt she lacked control. She noticed that many of her colleagues who seemed to be progressing were also stressed and unhappy in their work lives. 

Driven to find solutions, Niamh spent years researching the science behind productivity methods and frameworks. She immersed herself in Agile methodologies, Lean Six Sigma, and the teachings of experts from Adam Grant to Bluma Zeigarnik. Studying organisational psychology and observing her colleagues, she developed nuanced insights, which she translated into easy-to-follow strategies. This led to the creation of the Better Workday framework and the publication of "Remote Working Essentials."

Niamh began working with clients in Ireland and the UK, committed to making the information and tools for improving productivity accessible to every professional seeking a better work-life balance. With over six years of experience collaborating with prominent clients such as Amazon, Sigmar Recruitment, Trinity College Dublin, Gas Networks Ireland, Fáilte Ireland, and Irish Life Group, Niamh has supported more than 3,000 employees to date.

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What’s her favourite part of her work?

Helping people to rediscover joy and meaning in their work through simple, actionable steps motivates Niamh. Hearing clients say things like “I’m feeling more confident managing my day” or “The improvements I’ve made to my workday are now spilling over into my home life—I can even run my garden better!” brings her immense satisfaction.

Niamh loves connecting with people, bringing colleagues together, and giving them the space to think about what it is that they genuinely want. She helps them understand themselves—and each other—better. Her work underscores the profound impact that a deeper understanding and effective tools can have on transforming the workday into something truly remarkable.

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Invest in a Better Workday

Done right, taking care of your people means happier employees and juicier productivity for employers. It’s a win-win, right?

However, according to the world’s most extensive study on employee experience and well-being, organisations still aren't quite getting it. “87% of business leaders say they believe that prioritising employee wellbeing could give their organisation a competitive advantage, but when you dig deeper and ask the same people if they actually prioritise it, only 35% do so" - Professor Jan-Emmanuel De Neve, Oxford University.

It’s been proven, beyond question, that investing in well-being yields dividends in performance, profitability, talent attraction, retention, and the reduction of recruitment costs.

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Investing in measures to tackle poor mental health can yield a significant return on investment for employers, with an average return of £5 for every £1 spent in the UK.


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