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I'm Niamh, and I am a Productivity Coach. At A Better Workday we are passionate about improving wellbeing at work. What does that mean? In a nutshell, as a Productivity Coach, I help you change your workday to make it better for you in the short and long term! I do this through online courses and corporate services.

How it all began

I began searching for a better workday because after years of working in high-powered positions I suffered three separate burnouts. I had allowed my workday to get to a point where every single part of my day was spent working. I took tasks on and didn’t stop until I’d delivered, but to the detriment of my own health and my own career progression. I lacked balance between working on the right things and finding time to look after myself.  While my job was excellently executed, I was being left deflated and depleted.

My Work History

My work life began at age eleven. My parents ran a family business where I could regularly be found serving customers, managing cash and doing admin work in the back office. This built a foundation for a high work ethic and a drive for success. My interest in productivity began with my first job out of college as a Lead IT Project Manager. I was given a phone and laptop but no advice on managing my time and effort. This was a high-pressure job in which I overworked myself to learn hard and fast; something that became a pattern from then on. I wasn’t managing my workdays well, and subsequently, three burnouts happened from equally high-powered roles. Not only that, I was watching my colleagues all reach burnout stages, with no tools provided to stop it.

Changing How I Work

After my third burnout, it began to click that the way I was working wasn’t benefitting me, my long-term career or my goals. I wasn’t the role model I wanted to see in the workplace. I took a step back and assessed my work life. I planned out how to manage my workday better and avoid this happening again and then implemented my practices. I became so passionate about the changes I made and the positive impact on my life that I started sharing what I had learned with colleagues and friends.

This led to becoming a Productivity Coach and the creation of the Better Workday programme and my book Remote Working Essentials in 2020.

If you want to get in touch and change how you work, click the most relevant box to you below or contact me directly at niamh@abetterworkday.com.

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