Online Productivity Courses

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Be more productive and transform your workday

If you are always looking for extra hours in the workday and want to improve your work-life balance without compromising on your career success, A Better Workday courses are for you! 

No more leaving work still thinking of a task you didn’t do or an email you didn’t get to, these self-paced online courses will change your attitude completely and arm you with the tools you need going forward. 

  • Learn practical ways to change how you organise and complete your work
  • Learn to plan, set goals for yourself and manage your time effectively
  • Feel calm, confident and in control of your workday
  • Spend more time on what matters most to you – at work and at home
  • Avoid burnout and overwhelm and make every workday count
  • Leave work on time every day

Sign up today, make progress at your own pace and reap the benefit of a better workday. 

How it works


Register for any of the online courses. Progress at your own pace or follow the recommended schedule.


Access support through the community and regular group Q&A sessions.


Apply your new productivity and time management skills and have a better workday.

The Benefits


Reduce stress, overwhelm and the risk of burnout.


Take control of your time at work and at home.


Refocus your energy on the work that matters to achieve the goals you want.

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