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Productivity and Wellbeing at Work Webinars

Seminars and Webinars

Niamh delivers seminars online and in person on a variety of topics relating to productivity and well-being at work. These are “practically inspiring” sessions that will leave you motivated to improve the way you work.

Browse the most popular topics below or contact us to discuss the full set of options available.

Re-Energise Your Workday

This interactive talk gives you the information and tools to re-energise your workday and avoid burnout.

You will leave with a fresh perspective and renewed focus, allowing you to make the most out of every workday.

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Happy, Productive, Hybrid

Niamh shares practical, proven steps to help you make the most of your workday - wherever you are.

Learn how to organise, plan and complete your work to be more productive and support your work-life balance.

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Communicate with Impact

Learn how to communicate more effectively to help progress your goals and projects.

Niamh combines tools from project management, PR and public speaking to help you communicate effectively at work.

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Niamh’s engaging style and practical approach hit the spot for our team when she delivered her Re-Energise her workday webinar recently. Would highly recommend as lots of great tips and an impactful experience for our team to share their common experience. 

Aoife Lenox

Contracting PLUS

Niamh was super engaging and personable in her approach, allowing for honest and relatable questions and discussion during the session.

There were plenty of tangible takeaways for us all to apply to our workday to allow us to refocus on managing the “never-ending to-do list” and ensuring that we are looking after yourselves while doing so!

Great workshop to offer to employees to lift morale.

Paula Finnan


Niamh is very engaging and affable as a presenter and comes with a wealth of knowledge in productivity. Niamh joined us in 2020 to host a one-hour presentation, “Remote Working Essentials”.

In preparation for the event, she met with us to gain a greater understanding of our typical work environment. She used this information to personalise her tips and more effectively cater to our specific needs. 

Matthew Corbett

TELUS International Ireland

Team Workshops

Niamh delivers team workshops to improve performance and well-being at work using the “A Better Workday” programme.  

Attendees learn how to regain control over their workday, be more productive and reduce work-related stress.

Niamh Brady standing in a room presenting A Better Worday workshop to multiple clients

Benefits for attendees


Learn practical tools for workload management


Increased productivity, creating a sense of a “job well done”


Reduce work-related stress


Leverage technology as a support rather than a burden.


Support work-life balance and well-being at work

Benefits for the company


Sustainable improvements in performance


Agility to adapt to changing business priorities and needs


Reduction in absence due to work-related stress


Increased employee engagement and retention

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