Corporate Services

Niamh Brady sitting at a table speaking in a remote group with her laptop in front of her

Educational Webinars

Niamh delivers Lunch and Learn style webinars on a variety of topics relating to productivity and well-being at work.

Niamh shares practical ways to change the way you work in these interactive sessions.

Team Workshops

Niamh Brady delivers team workshops to improve performance and well-being at work using the “A Better Workday” programme.  

Attendees learn how to regain control over their workday, be more productive and reduce work-related stress.

Niamh Brady standing in a room presenting A Better Worday workshop to multiple clients

Benefits for attendees


Learn practical tools for workload management


Increased productivity, creating a sense of a “job well done”


Reduce work-related stress


Leverage technology as a support rather than a burden.


Support work-life balance and well-being at work

Benefits for the company


Sustainable improvements in performance


Agility to adapt to changing business priorities and needs


Reduction in absence due to work-related stress


Increased employee engagement and retention

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Niamh Brady

Leadership Coaching

Niamh works with leaders at all levels to create a better workday for themselves and their teams. 

She will challenge you to think differently about how you, and you will learn practical ways to sustain high performance while supporting your well-being.