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Are You Overwhelmed and Drained by Your Workday?​

You’re not alone. Many professionals face burnout, lack of motivation, and the never-ending loop of tasks. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Discover the online course based on Niamh’s most popular seminar, which has been delivered to thousands of employees across Ireland and the UK.

You will leave with a fresh perspective and renewed focus, allowing you to make the most of every workday while supporting your well-being.

Niamh Moynihan Seminar

What you will learn.


Discover how to strategically take breaks and recharge your mental energy.


Uncover the real impact of your work and renew your sense of purpose.


Use simple, effective templates and tools to consistently meet your goals.


Learn to minimise distractions and interruptions to work smarter, not harder.


Establish key boundaries to separate work and life, mentally and physically.

Fantastic, relevant and immediately applicable.

I loved how to the point, practical, and immediately useful this course was. I feel fully equipped to manage my boundaries, prioritize, plan breaks, and manage distractions.

Niamh has such a lovely warm style of delivery, you feel she really gets it and understandings the demands of everyday working life and managing high workloads.

I walked away with some key tools to be able to better manage my workday immediately. It is so worthwhile and would recommend it to anyone who feels their work needs an energy and productivity injection.

Dr Heather McKee

Supporting you along the way.


Download the templates with each lesson and put your learning into practice.

Live Q&A

Join the monthly live Q&A to get the support you need to create a better workday.

A great course!

A cracking course offering practical and easy-to-implement tips to improve your workday. I love the resources! Thanks, Niamh

Fiona Walsh

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