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Introducing a Better Workday

The modern workday can be hectic as people struggle with noisy notifications, overflowing inboxes, packed calendars, and endless to-do lists. Workload continues to be the top cause of work-related stress, and 1 in 2 people regularly work more than 40 hours a week.

People are working longer and harder than ever before – but are still struggling to get things done. Niamh Moynihan founded Better Workday to help busy professionals be more successful and look after their well-being.

Enrol in one of our online courses or contact us to learn more about how we support companies who wish to create a better workday for their employees.

Client Testimonials

Niamh delivered a workshop to the management team in Sigmar on how to be more productive. It was excellent - she showed brilliant energy and engagement, and the content was really relevant.

Everyone took something from the workshop, with many taking away simple but very effective frameworks for making themselves and their teams more productive throughout their days and weeks. Thanks Niamh!

Mike McDonagh

Chief Operating Officer at Sigmar Recruitment

I attended Niamh's "A Better Workday" workshop with my team and took so many learnings from it! Niamh's workshop was so engaging and relevant, and there wasn't a question she couldn't answer or a problem that she couldn't suggest a solution to. The session was very useful for us to attend as a team as it allowed us to discuss and agree upon ways of working that work for us. As we now all move into this new hybrid way of working, I couldn't recommend this workshop more to help plan your workday and balance your time.

Claire Walsh

Irish Distillers

Niamh delivered a hybrid Re-energize your Workday Workshop for Dublin BIC (now Furthr), which was very well received by all the in-person and online participants! Her approach was super engaging and personable, allowing for honest and relatable questions and discussion during the session.

There were plenty of tangible takeaways for us all to apply to our workday to allow us to refocus on managing the “never-ending to-do list” and ensuring that we are looking after yourselves while doing so! Great workshop to offer to employees to lift morale and start an open conversation on company culture around meeting/email etiquette etc.

Paula Finnan

HR Manager at Furthr

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who feels overwhelmed /exhausted with

their present working lifestyle, and to block time in the diary to attend the online sessions,

which will leave you energised and motivated to create a better work/life balance for you.

Mary H

About Niamh Moynihan

Niamh Moynihan is the founder of Better Workday and author of Remote Working Essentials. She is passionate about helping people to rediscover the joy in work and to avoid the burnout cycle.

Niamh’s first experience of burnout happened in her first job after college. She received a phone and laptop but no advice on managing her time and effort. Niamh quickly fell into poor working habits and struggled to keep her head above water. She suffered from burnout within one year. 

During her 14 years of industry in the Technology sector, she repeatedly experienced the challenges of achieving a work-life balance as she advanced her career. All around her, the people who seemed to be progressing were also facing burnout.

Determined to break the cycle, Niamh tried and tested countless productivity methods to achieve high performance without excessive working hours and stress. The result is the Better Workday Framework.

Niamh is committed to making the information and tools to improve productivity available to every professional who wants to improve how they work and live.

In 2020 Niamh published her eBook, “Remote Working Essentials”, which is a practical guide to balancing productivity and well-being while working from home.

Niamh Brady